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Did Debt Kill the Retirement Dream?

Commercial Photography at Olympia TrustA Discussion of Financial Planning and the Challenges of Modern Retirement Planning

By Cora Pettipas, Vice President and a Board of Director of the National Exempt Market Association (NEMA) in Canada

We have all dreamt of it, usually after a particularly demanding period of work. Cleaning off our desk, and departing indefinitely from the office, idealizing a permanent beach vacation (or functional equivalent). Retirement is defined as when a person ceases working voluntarily, as they have built up enough resources and income entitlements to do so. However, the new retirement will likely mean something else, whether it be partial retirement, career change, or retiring later.

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Financial Planning Resolutions: Read the Changes and Walk a Step Forward

Jae young Yang - CFP KoreaBy Jaeyoung Yang, CFP

What kind of plans and resolutions should a financial planner have for the New Year? A financial planner suggests financial plans to clients and assists them in their implementations, providing continued monitoring. Therefore, he or she ought to continue to develop new plans for clients’ financial planning to incorporate them in his or her portfolio. In a new year, governments revise laws and regulations, some of which concern financial planning.

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God, Give Us A Better Year in Financial Planning

Suresh Sadagopan CFP IndiaBy Suresh Sadagopan, CFP

A new year has dawned on us. It’s a relief that 2011 is out of the way! But is 2012 going to be a better year? If you go by what the Mayans want you to believe, you don’t have to worry – as the world will come to an end, anyway! If however you believe that this is just another 1984 scare and nothing more than the periodic Armageddon predictions, then we have work to do.

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Bossa Nova and New Years Resolutions

By Martin Iglesias, CFP

Have you ever heard a Bossa Nova? If the answer is no, I can only tell you one thing: you should. Bossa Nova is a Brazilian rhythm with an unmistakable harmonious melody. Sounds like Jazz, but it´s not Jazz. It sounds like samba, but it’s not. The funny thing is that being Jazz and samba so different it seems impossible that something resembles both simultaneously.

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Six Financial Resolutions Enunciated in 6R

CFP Korean Professional Daehong Kwonby Daehong Kwon, CFP

While I personally have many plans and resolutions for the year of 2012, I have culled the followings related to Financial Planning (FP) practice, arranged by their head letter “R”:

Remember the Recession

After the subprime mortgage crises of 2008, we saw some signs of economic recovery in some parts of the world. Then, the fear of a recession swept around the world once again.

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2012: Planning for a Difficult Year

Warren Ingram CFP South AfricaBy Warren Ingram, CFP

TZANEEN, SOUTH AFRICA: I believe that 2012 is likely to be another very difficult year in the investment markets. This is going to make financial planners’ lives very difficult as more investors become disillusioned with their savings and investments. In addition, regulatory pressure on advisors is likely to increase as governments try to prevent future financial disasters through over-regulation.

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New Year’s Resolutions and Thinking about Retirement

Junesoo Chang, CFPBy Junesoo Chang, CFP

2012 is the 6th year since I began financial planning as my second career. Compared to most of my former bank colleagues who completely retired, I work actively enjoying my new career. I am proud of myself, as I have survived in the field for the last five years and I’m confident for the future. The New Year is meaningful to me in the sense that I turn 60 and I’m entitled to a national pension plan.

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Common Sense: The Best New Year’s Resolution

Tobias Maag CFP BrazilBy Tobias Maag, CFP

Resolutions: one word with several possible connotations: In business, politics, law, arts, mathematical logic, our personal life and many other areas which touch the world’s and our personal development on a daily basis.

Certain dates or circumstances seem to be the perfect catalyst for us, as individuals, to set resolutions. For many who follow the Christian calendar this date happens to be New Year’s Eve.

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