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CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals may become certified to use the CFP Marks in more than one territory by obtaining CFP certification from the FPSB Member in the new territory. Those Individuals must abide by the certification renewal requirements of FPSB Members in both the home and new territories. Use the form below to determine what the across-border certification requirements are in your territory:


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Economic Benefits from Financial Planning, Part II

By Joel Redmond, CFP

In a previous article, we looked at the potential impact of financial planning on a nation’s GDP. Here are a few follow-up questions: What impact does financial planning have on the total cash flows of an entire nation? How is this impact divided between the component cash flows of GDP? How does a change in one part of GDP impact the other parts?

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Economic Benefits From Financial Planning

By Joel Redmond, CFP®

A recent article in Investment News highlighted financial planning as one of the five most desirable professions, citing high pay, low stress, and job security as three of the top reasons. The article can be found here. What the article didn’t stress is the most important aspect of financial planning: the satisfaction planners have in helping their clients.

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