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Why is Taiwan Facing Declining CFP Professional Growth?

By Christine Chang, CFP, Chinese Taipei

According to a recent Reuters article, the number of CFP professionals has increased by 23% in the past five years. In addition, the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa has declared a 9% increase in its CFP professionals (Horowitz). When world-renowned companies such as Merrill Lynch and UBS are encouraging their employees to acquire their CFP certification and affirming the framework of the CFP credential, is it still pertinent to discuss the barriers of growth for CFP professional numbers?

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Christine Chang, CFP

Chinese Taipei

Christine Chang has a B.A in Law and M.B.A in General Management. Before getting her license as an insurance broker, she worked as a Merchandiser of Textile Trading for the renowned American department store holding company, the May company (now Macy’s, Inc.). Later on she worked as a life insurance agent at Metlife in Taiwan. She’s also taught Economics at Fu Jen University and became one of the cofounders of XinFu United Financial Consultant Co., Ltd and Giant King Insurance Broker Co., Ltd.

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