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Did Debt Kill the Retirement Dream?

Commercial Photography at Olympia TrustA Discussion of Financial Planning and the Challenges of Modern Retirement Planning

By Cora Pettipas, Vice President and a Board of Director of the National Exempt Market Association (NEMA) in Canada

We have all dreamt of it, usually after a particularly demanding period of work. Cleaning off our desk, and departing indefinitely from the office, idealizing a permanent beach vacation (or functional equivalent). Retirement is defined as when a person ceases working voluntarily, as they have built up enough resources and income entitlements to do so. However, the new retirement will likely mean something else, whether it be partial retirement, career change, or retiring later.

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Understanding Clients is the Real Job of Financial Planners

By Joel Redmond, CFP

One of the most fundamental human tendencies is to simplify. Someone asked Richard Feynman, the famous Caltech professor and theoretical physicist who shared the 1965 Nobel Prize with two other scientists, to define what he had done to win the prize – in one sentence. And Feynman’s reply was analogous to “if I could describe it in one sentence, it wouldn’t have won me the Nobel Prize.”

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