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CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals may become certified to use the CFP Marks in more than one territory by obtaining CFP certification from the FPSB Member in the new territory. Those Individuals must abide by the certification renewal requirements of FPSB Members in both the home and new territories. Use the form below to determine what the across-border certification requirements are in your territory:


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Willie Yiu, AFP

Hong Kong

Willie Yiu, AFP has worked in financial services for 12 years. Graduating with a degree in financial planning, he worked with advisers and clients in Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong to devise holistic solutions to the problems faced by globe-trotting expatriates. In addition, he also ensured professional and compliance standards have been met by advisers.

The combination of experience in financial planning and his dedication to uphold its standards resulted in the highlight of Will’s career so far when he was awarded 2011 Hong Kong’s Best Financial Planner of the Year at the prestigious IFPHK/SCMP Financial Planner Awards. The Awards are co-organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Financial Planners and the South China Morning Post.

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Cora Pettipas, CFP


Cora is currently the Vice President and a Board of Director of the National Exempt Market Association (NEMA) in Canada. Cora is also the editor of Exempt Edge Magazine, the Canadian industry trade publication on the exempt market/private equity. Cora has over ten years of experience and numerous industry accreditations. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from McGill University, a Master’s Degree (Finance and Controlling) from Swiss Management Center University and is currently a Doctoral candidate in Finance there as well.

Cora has had tenures with several financial institutions in the capacity of financial advisor, wealth management, investor services, retail banking, and financial planning. Her most recent previous position was as a Professor at Mount Royal University, where she

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Simon Hassan, CFP

New Zealand

A financial adviser since 1990, Simon is a leader in his profession, combining a depth of knowledge, practical experience and skills with developed strategic planning and communication skills. Before Simon and his wife Rosemary (also a CFPCM professional) set up Hassan & Associates in 1995, Simon held advisory and management roles with a multinational financial institution. Before that he was a secondary teacher and assistant principal.

Over the years, Simon has been part of and led numerous committees and task forces, working closely with politicians, government officials and others on professional standards and emerging adviser regulation. A media commentator, popular speaker and writer, Simon also presents seminars for accountants and solicitors. Through Hassan Consulting he also

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Niraj Nanal, CFP

Niraj Nanal is a Certified Financial Planner (CFPCM) and holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA-Marketing) degree. He specializes in advising to Medical Professionals and IT professionals. Niraj is the owner of NR Financial Consultants, a financial planning firm in Pune, India.

He has experience in training at various institutes and has also conducted presentations and awareness programs for medical and IT professionals. His hobbies include traveling and road biking.

A Translation of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

Joel Redmond, CFP By Joel Redmond, CFP

If you spend any time looking at financial legislation in the US, it’s no secret to you that financial abuses beget market disruptions, and market disruptions beget new laws. Regulation of IPOs began in 1933 after the Great Depression. Regulation of the exchanges followed a year later. Insiders made enormous profits in the 80s; their activities were outlawed in 1987.

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Phil Billingham, CFP

United Kingdom

Phil Billingham is a specialist who assists financial advisers and planning firms in surviving and thriving during periods of regulatory change. A Certified Financial Planner professional, Billingham is a director of the Board of the UK’s Institute of Financial Planning (IFP). He also sits on the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) Regulation Advisory Panel, and was a member of the FPSB Professional Framework working group.

Billingham, who is also an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII), a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society, and a Chartered Financial Planner, ran his own consulting firm for 11 years before joining threesixty Services LLP as Head of Business Strategy in 2009.

A frequent speaker at financial planning conferences, Billingham

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Österreichischer Verband Financial Planners: Offering CFP Certification in Austria

Vienna, Austria

Established in 2000, the AFP is a nonprofit, professional regulatory organization, which is supported by the whole financial services industry in Austria, including banking, insurance, independent financial consultants as well as the legal profession and academics.

Financial Planning Resolutions: Read the Changes and Walk a Step Forward

Jae young Yang - CFP KoreaBy Jaeyoung Yang, CFP

What kind of plans and resolutions should a financial planner have for the New Year? A financial planner suggests financial plans to clients and assists them in their implementations, providing continued monitoring. Therefore, he or she ought to continue to develop new plans for clients’ financial planning to incorporate them in his or her portfolio. In a new year, governments revise laws and regulations, some of which concern financial planning.

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