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Editorial Guidelines

Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. created Financial PlanetTM for key stakeholders to share ideas and perspectives on establishing financial planning as a distinct global profession. While FPSB does not approve editorial content, it reserves the right not to post blogs that contain inappropriate or inaccurate material. In addition, FPSB will remove comments that are inappropriate or potentially offensive. Bloggers are responsible for checking their information for accuracy before submitting a blog post.

Bloggers for Financial Planet agree to follow these rules and guidelines when developing and submitting blogs: 

Financial Planet Rules

  1. No spamming. If your blog is a direct sales solicitation, or a promotion of your book or your company, it will not be posted.
  2. No multi-level or network marketing. Do not use Financial Planet to attract partners for your latest business opportunity or investment scheme.
  3. No political polemics. Financial Planet is not the forum for political or humanitarian discussions unrelated to financial planning. It is appropriate to discuss or assert a point of view on laws or regulations that may affect financial planning or financial planners, but please be respectful of individuals.
  4. No personal attacks. All posts and responses to discussions should be conducted in a civil manner.
  5. No off-topic posts. Readers of Financial Planet are interested in views and opinions about the financial planning profession. Please don’t use your blog to discuss your personal hobbies, the activities of your family members, or your review of the latest movie. Use your personal blog for those topics.
  6. No profanity or sexual references. Please keep your posts professional.

Blogging Guidelines

FPSB believes in fostering a thriving online community that will connect, discuss and even debate issues that are important to the financial planning profession. In developing blog posts for the Financial Planet site, bloggers should keep the following guidelines in mind:

Legal Liability

When you post your opinions publicly via a blog, you are legally responsible for your commentary. Individual bloggers can be held personally liable for any comments that are deemed to be defamatory, obscene, proprietary or libelous. Bloggers should refrain from exaggeration, colorful language, speculation, obscenity, using copyrighted materials, drawing legal conclusions and making derogatory remarks or characterizations. When you blog, or post comments, you do so at your own risk. Outside parties can pursue legal action against you for your postings.

Confidential Information

Do not include any confidential, proprietary or trade secret information in your blog postings. Any non-public information related to FPSB strategy, programs, or policies should not be included in blog posts. Blog submissions containing confidential or proprietary information will not be posted.

Use of FPSB Logos

The FPSB and CFP logo marks may not be included in blog postings, and “CFP” or “CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER” must be used as adjectives modifying one of these words only: certification, credential, designation, exam/examination, mark, practitioner and professional. While “certificant” is also accepted, we discourage its use because it is difficult for non-English speaking cultures to understand. Because your posts will be viewed globally, it is not necessary to include CFP trademark symbols, because not all territories use the same trademark symbols when referring to the CFP marks.

Tips for Submitting Blogs

  1. Blog posts should ideally be between 500 and 1,000 words.
  2. Blogs should be created in a common word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, or should be submitted as text files.
  3. Submit all blog posts to

Guest Blogs

Financial Planet welcomes posts from qualified individuals interested in providing an occasional or one-time guest blog. Those interested in submitting a guest post should contact and provide the following information:

  1. A recent bio or CV
  2. A JPG “head shot” photo of not less than 300 dpi.
  3. A suggested topic and blog outline.
  4. Contact information

Financial Planet is supported by volunteers who are interested in promoting the profession of financial planning. Bloggers do not receive payment for their submissions.