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IBCPF’s 4th Seminar on Financial Planning

By Martin Iglesias, CFP, Brazil

On May 4, more than 300 professionals gathered in São Paulo to discuss the direction and trends for the profession of personal financial planning. The discussion was at a seminar sponsored by IBCPF (Brazilian Institute for the Certification of Financial Professionals).

I remember in 2003 when we had a meeting with a handful of financial planners in a restaurant in Sao Paulo. We got together at a table that was not that big at all.

The truth is that the practice of financial planning in Brazil is beginning to take major proportions and the content being discussed is becoming increasingly more solid and relevant.

This was the fourth seminar in financial planning and the number of attendees and speakers was at a record high. For the first time ever, we had to divide the attendees into groups of similar interests. The groups were:

  • Investments in the current scenario
  • Directions and trajectories of personal financial planning
  • Wealth planning and succession

The opening speech was given by Deena Katz, CFP who talked about opening a personal financial planning practice and growing the business. For many of those present, it was the first opportunity to see an internationally-recognized financial planner internationally recognized, sharing performance tips.

Shortly after Deena’s opening speech, I had the honor of structuring the investments conversation, as well as moderating the presentations. In this portion of the seminar, we addressed all the mechanics of the current investment market in Brazil, considering the drastic fall in interest rates and how it had caused a major change in how investors allocate their portfolios and take risks.

Accordingly, Luiz Fernando Figueiredo, former director of the Central Bank of Brazil, presented on economic prospects. We also heard from Carlos Takahashi, vice president of Anbima, the Brazilian association of mutual funds and capital markets, and Harold Evensky who brought an international perspective. Márcio Verri and Ricardo Mizukawa Verri shared which financial products were most-in-demand from local investors, those being real estate funds and securitized assets.

Another portion of the seminar featured several renowned professionals in the Brazilian market discussing extremely relevant issues.

The event was marked by high quality presentations and excellent reviews from the attendees.

My final conclusion is that beyond technical knowledge shared throughout the event, IBCPF is building an invaluable network for sharing content and experience and that’s what ends up determining the soundness of practices and consistency in the value proposition of financial planners.

To see pictures of the event, click here. 

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