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CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals may become certified to use the CFP Marks in more than one territory by obtaining CFP certification from the FPSB Member in the new territory. Those Individuals must abide by the certification renewal requirements of FPSB Members in both the home and new territories. Use the form below to determine what the across-border certification requirements are in your territory:


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Paul Rabenowitz, CFP

Paul Rabenowitz, AIF®, CFP®, GFS™, RF™

Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning, Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning(Cum Laude), Certificate in Pension Funds Law, Certificate in Administration of Estates(Cum Laude), Programme in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management(Cum Laude), Programme in Financial Management(Cum Laude), Certificate in Fiduciary Governance.

Paul is the founder of Lightbulb Learning and Training, which specialises in education and preparation of candidates for CFP® professional certification examinations. He currently sits on various committees of the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa. He is the managing editor of The South African Financial Planning Handbook, The Fundamentals of Financial Planning and the Preparatory Guide for the Level 1 Regulatory Exams, all published by LexisNexis.



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