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FPSB Council Meeting in Wales

Nick Cann CFP United Kingdom

By Nick Cann, CFP

The IFP is very proud to be able to host the FPSB Council Meeting 15-19 October. This will be the fourth time that the UK has hosted the global leaders of the financial planning profession. This time we will be taking everybody to the Celtic Manor Resort in Wales, the 2010 host of the Ryder Cup Golf tournament.

There is so much happening in the world of financial planning, and regulation underpins so much of what we need to support the profession with career development. FPSB’s many members, from around the world, are watching developments in the UK as a result of the FSA’s Retail Distribution Review (RDR) which impacts the UK at the beginning of 2013. This new legislation will make advisers have to charge a fee for their services and clients will need to see value in the service that they are receiving. Clients do not value the products but they do value the financial planning experience.

Speakers: FSA and RSM Tenon

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) will be speaking at the meeting and sharing their thoughts on the changing face of financial regulation. We will also be joined at the meeting by John Porteous, CFP, the head of wealth management at RSM Tenon, which is a top accountancy firm in the UK with offices in other parts of the world. He will be talking about his experience, the challenges and the benefits, of  transitioning advisers to planners, and how FPSB’s Integrated Financial Planning program and CFP certification have been key to this strategy.

FPSB’s Integrated Financial Planning Course

Much has been done to help advisers become financial planners and FPSB has been working with its members to develop an Integrated Financial Planning program. This program will equip individuals and teams with the skills to position and deliver financial planning to their clients. It will also help professionals prepare for CFP certification and the delivery of high quality financial planning to their clients.

There will be the usual opportunities to learn from our colleagues around the world, as well as engaging with the FPSB Board and hearing how they are leading the profession forward. There will be the opportunity to relax at the hotel’s fantastic facilities and we will also be visiting one of the historic castles in the area to experience a medieval banquet to let our friends from around the world experience some of the culture of our beautiful country. Follow the event on Twitter with the hashtag: #FPSBWales.

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