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Financial Regulation Needs Enlightenment

Suresh Sadagopan CFP IndiaBy Suresh Sadogapan, CFP

The financial planning profession in India, is at a nascent stage. It needs careful tending for it to grow and bear fruit. But, are the regulators doing the right thing for the industry? Their intentions seem good but they seem to have missed the realities of what is actually going on.

Since this is a new profession, financial planners are emerging from the Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) community, which is comprised of insurance agents and other financial service intermediaries.

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Financial Regulation: Finding the Equilibrium Point

Tobias Maag CFP BrazilBy Tobias Maag, CFP

Equilibrium Point is one of the fundamental concepts in economics, describing the market price of a good or service as being determined by the quantity of both supply and demand for it. In 1890, the English economist Alfred Marshall published his famous work, Principles of Economics. Marshall’s graph displays two lines that cross as an “X” with the declining line representing customer demand and the ascending line supply.

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The Best Financial Regulation: Being True to Yourself

Lovaii Navlakhi CFP IndiaBy Lovaii Navlakhi, CFP

My English class teacher in Standard 9 taught our entire class a lesson in integrity which I still haven’t forgotten to this day. He walked into class one day and announced that he knew 2 students had cheated in the prelims exam and that he was giving them one week to own up. In either case, he would fail them in the paper; but if they were honest, they would be promoted to Standard 10.

The fact that he was the Principal of the school galvanized my classmates into action.

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Self-Regulation Versus Regulation

By Martin Casals Iglesias, CFP

What are the differences between regulation and self-regulation? Adam Smith and John Nash can help us.

Adam Smith’s work is guided by the idea that economic agents in the search for their own interests will eventually achieve better results for not only themselves but also society. Smith’s vision was extremely important for economic development of nations since it encourages entrepreneurship.

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Financial Industry Regulations Make or Break Us!

Mukesh Dedhia, CFP, IndiaBy Mukesh Dedhia, CFP

Regulation is needed for any market to function properly. If it weren’t for regulation, markets could be manipulated by big, influential players. But, just as good governance is not ensured by holding proper elections, existence of regulations does not ensure healthy competition or protection of market participants. Hence, effective enforcement of regulation is a must.

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Regulation Change and Financial Planning for the Poor

Korean Financial Planning Professional Sunho KimBy Sunho Kim, CFP

This year, Korean financial planners will be able to provide their clients with better financial planning services. At the end of last year, nine asset management companies developed twelve hedge funds, enabling hedge fund investments to be incorporated in the portfolios of individuals who were able to invest more than KRW 500 million. With a newly revised trusteeship act made effective this year, high net worth individuals can benefit from trusteeship services in accordance with their needs and objectives.

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The Consumer Protection Act and Korea’s Financial Regulation

Daehong Kwon, CFP, Koreaby Daehong Kwon, CFP

It has been ten years now since the CFP certification first came to Korea. There are many things yet to be achieved here though when compared to advanced countries such as the United States and Canada, where the financial planning business is very active. The most outstanding piece of the financial planning industry, in Korea, is our regulation.

The financial planning industry in Korea still has many necessary systemic regulations missing. One positive aspect of this is that it allows corporations and individuals a lot of freedom in their practice.

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A Translation of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

Joel Redmond, CFP By Joel Redmond, CFP

If you spend any time looking at financial legislation in the US, it’s no secret to you that financial abuses beget market disruptions, and market disruptions beget new laws. Regulation of IPOs began in 1933 after the Great Depression. Regulation of the exchanges followed a year later. Insiders made enormous profits in the 80s; their activities were outlawed in 1987.

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