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Telling the Financial Planning Story in Taiwan

By Taylor Liao, CFP

The Financial Planning Association of Taiwan (FPAT) joined Financial Planning Standards Board in November 2003, and we have around 600 CFP professionals now. They are mainly from three industries: banks, investments and insurance. Though we have more than 600 certificants, most of them still stay at their same career position. They try to embed the financial planning process in their routine job, and only a few of them have left their original job to become an independent financial planner.

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Financial Planning in India: Ready to Grow

By Suresh Sadagopan, CFP

Suresh Sadagopan CFP IndiaWhen a seed is sown and watered for a couple of days, it sends down roots and germinates, lifting the seed that was planted and showing it to the world as cotyledons. Then, this delicate sapling shoots out a couple of tentative leaves and it’s ready for the world! Should the conditions prove conducive, the sapling would grow, flourish and claim its place under the sun.

The financial planning profession in India is like that sapling with two cotyledons and a couple of tender leaves sprouting. It is at a nascent stage.

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CFP Professionals Can Play a Valuable Role with Voluntary Social Services

By Sunho Kim, CFP

Korean Financial Planning Professional Sunho KimAccording to the Financial Planning Standards Board‘s definition, “Financial planning is the process of developing strategies to assist clients in managing their financial affairs to meet life’s goals.” CFP professionals are experts in financial planning mapped out in strict adherence to the stringent standards of education, examination, experience and ethics (4Es). Clients are fully satisfied with the financial planning service delivered by CFP professionals who meet FPSB’s strict certification standards and fulfill the requirements as stated on the aforesaid definition.

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Recognizing and Strengthening of the Profession

The challenges of financial planners in a tropical country in transformation

By Martin Casals Iglesias

Brazilian Financial Planning Professional Martin Casals IglesiasJust imagine a place where the prices of products sold in a supermarket change several times during the day, or a place where you never know whether the local currency will change within a month, or a place where one of the best alternatives for long-term savings are telephone lines. If all these things seem like an absurd fantasy, it’s because you have not lived in Brazil in the eighties or early nineties.

In an economy with these characteristics, long-term planning disappears completely from the spectrum of analysis of families and corporations.

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In the U.S., Financial Planning is Better than Ever, But Not Yet a Profession

By Karen Schaeffer, CFP

Good news, financial planning is better than ever in the United States. The number of people obtaining their CFP certification continues to grow, the media and consumer advocacy groups have embraced the concept of competent, ethical advice and consumers know they need help. A recent CFP Board survey of certificants revealed that an overwhelming number of us really like our jobs. You can find us in a wide variety of business models. Some are affiliated with banks, insurance companies, or brokerage firms. Others choose to work in smaller, independent firms.

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Financial Planning Gaining Momentum in South Africa

By Alec Riddle, CFP

The financial planning profession in South Africa has come a long way over the past decade or so, but it still has a long way to go.

The Financial Planning Institute (FPI) and the Financial Services Board (FSB) in South Africa, and Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) have all made great strides, but I believe that financial planners and CFP professionals need to be doing more.

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The State of the Financial Planning Profession in the UK

By Martin Bamford CFP, Managing Director, Informed Choice

The Financial Planning profession rarely enjoys a constant operating environment in the UK market. About the only thing constant in terms of financial services regulation is change. We should have all become very used to these changes by now. In the decade or so I have worked in retail financial services, I have personally experienced three different regulators, with a fourth on its way shortly.

As their leaving gift, the current UK financial services regulator, the Financial Services Authority (FSA), is implementing a fundamental series of changes at the end of next year.

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Dr. (Col.) KK Goel, CFP


KK Goel - CFP IndiaDr. KK Goel is a medical and financial health consultant and executive director of Unique Health & Wealth Consultants Pvt. Ltd., which provides “One Stop Health and Wealth Solutions” with the goal of helping people make their money work harder than they work for their money. He has been in the financial sector for 10 years and has developed special expertise in technical analysis and derivatives. He is chief coordinator for development of the Delhi chapter of Financial Planning Standards Board India, where he previously served on the board of directors, and is president of the Association of Professional Financial Planners. Dr. Goel took voluntary retirement from the Indian Army in 1997 as a Colonel and

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